Campaign Asia Pacific

Campaign is a globally recognised brand within the advertising and marketing industries, synonymous with quality in the hearts and minds of opinion-forming agency and marketing personnel across the world.

Campaign in Asia is an integral part of a growing global network that connects the marketing, advertising and media communities across the world’s major markets with essential information and insight.

Campaign magazine was launched in the UK in 1968 to serve the then burgeoning advertising industry. Over the following 42 years, Campaign has grown into a global brand serving the broader marketing, digital, advertising, PR and media industries. Campaign in the UK is a fully paid-for magazine, subscribed to by thousands of industry personnel who consider it a must-read title. Following the brand alignment in Asia, Campaign will publish print editions in the UK, India, Middle East and Asia-Pacific and host a global online network of web sites for the UK, the Middle East, India, China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region.

Campaign Asia-Pacific delivers market-leading content to industry opinion formers and decision makers wherever and however they want to access it, whether catching up on the latest industry news, videos and blogs online or on their mobile device, studying the latest in-depth industry analysis and reports in the print magazines, hearing from the world’s key industry speakers at market-leading conferences or celebrating excellence and best practice at major awards festivals.

Campaign Asia-Pacific’s values:

  • Essential: keeps its readers in touch with what’s going on in the industry, giving them inside knowledge and insight to help them progress in their careers
  • Unbiased: Integrity is at the heart of what Campaign does, everyone is entitled to a fair hearing and Campaign will show no favour to any individual or company
  • Considered: Campaign investigates thoroughly avoiding sensationalism or hasty judgements to ensure thoughtful, considered editorial that the industry respects
  • Inclusive: Campaign has something for everyone at every level, in every market. Campaign caters for today’s decision-makers as well as those of the future
  • In-touch: Campaign has an extensive editorial network stretching across the region, plugged into the heart of the industry
  • Useful: Campaign strives to offer practical advice and information to help its audience perform more effectively, develop new ideas and learn best practice
Vital Readership Statistics

- Print & Online Circulation: 12,219*
- Source: BPA Audit Jan – Jun 2013

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